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Class Descriptions & Attire | In Motion Dance

Class Descriptions & Attire

All dance shoes will be available to order through In Motion Dance. Several dance attire items and In Motion Dance apparel will also be available for purchase. 


PRE BALLET/TAP: PRE 1 (3-4), PRE 2 (4-5), PRE 3 (5-6)  Combination of ballet and tap technique which progresses with each level. Students will enhance their technique, placement and learn dance terminology.  Center floor, across the floor and center combinations are learned.  Barre work is introduced in Pre 2 classes.

ATTIRE: BLACK tap shoes and PINK LEATHER ballet shoes, any color leotard, tights, optional skirt. BOYS: BLACK jazz taps (with laces) and BLACK LEATHER ballet shoes, sweatpants, shorts and t-shirt.

MINI JAZZ + TAP (4-6) Combination of jazz and tap technique. Students will focus on correct terminology, center and across the floor combinations.

ATTIRE: BLACK tap shoes and BLACK slip on jazz shoes, any color leotard, tights, shorts, leggings.

JAZZ II (8-12)  Students will learn correct technique and placement.  Classes will focus on flexibility and strength while learning turns, jumps, leaps and incorporate the dancers own individual style.

ATTIRE: TAN jazz shoes, any color leotard, dance pants/shorts, tights, or tight fitting dance apparel.

COMBO 1 (7-9) Tap (every week) and ballet/jazz (alternating) technique and choreography; emphasis on correct technique and perfecting skills. Students will learn more advanced technique with complex combinations with focus on clarity and form.

ATTIRE:  TAN tap shoes, PINK LEATHER ballet shoes, optional TAN jazz shoes, any color leotard, tights, dance pants/shorts, or tight fitting dance apparel.

MINI POMS (5-7) + POMS (7-10)  Introduction to basic pom skills and jazz technique.  Focusing on correct arm placement, form, kicks, jumps and turns.  Dancers will learn how to make their arm motions clean and sharp while also working on group synchronization and formations.

POM DANCE (10+) For the more advanced pom dancer. Dancers will learn kick lines, more advanced turns, jumps and arm motions. Dancers will work on increasing their flexibility and work on synchronization.

ATTIRE: TAN jazz shoes, leotard, dance pants/shorts, or tight fitting dance apparel.

MINI HIP HOP/JAZZ (4-6) AND HIP HOP (8-12)  Popular dance style combining jazz, funk, pop, and lock movements in a relaxed form. Basic jazz styles will be incorporated in the mini hip hop/jazz class.

ATTIRE: CLEAN gym shoes, dance sneakers or BLACK jazz shoes, leotard, dance pants/shorts or tight fitting dance apparel

BROADWAY JAZZ (9-13) Dancers will learn how to perform on stage. This class will focus on a variety of different musicals and the style from each one. Dancers will also learn jazz combinations to enhance their technique as well as the importance of facial expressions and dancing for the audience.

LYRICAL II (8-12) III/IV (12+)  Expressive dance form which is a fusion of modern, ballet and jazz dance styles.  Students will increase their flexibility and endurance while working on floor exercises, across the floor and center combinations.

ATTIRE: Bare feet or foot paws, leotard, tights, dance pants/shorts, or tight fitting dance apparel.

BALLET Focusing on correct technique and ballet terminology. Dancers will learn on strengthening their muscles for pointe work at the barre, center floor and across the floor.

ATTIRE: PINK ballet shoes, leotard, tights.

 JUMPS, LEAPS & TURNS TECHNIQUE I (7-10) II (10-12) III (11-13) IV (13+) Dancers will learn a variety of turns, jumps, and leaps. This class is taught will emphasis on technique and correct body placement.

ATTIRE: TAN jazz shoes, leotard, tights, dance pant/shorts, or tight fitting dance apparel.



404 A Robert Parker Coffin Road
Long Grove, IL 60047